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kush kaur

Graphic Design      Advocacy      IB 


I’m a IB student based in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy graphic design, foreign affairs, media marketing, advocacy, and making a difference.

My Work


sarbat - Website Design

Non-profit Organization

sarbat is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide through free technology literacy classes. I created and maintain the organization's official website. 

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sarbat instagram.png

Digital Cartoon Coloring

I have digitally colored cartoons using Photoshop to promote the release of a new design tool for technology company, onsemi as well as edited and colored cartoons for personal blog posts. 

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sarbat linkedin.png

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dehdis - Website Design

Technology Company

Dehdis is a technology company dedicated to creating custom design tools for businesses looking to boost customer experience. I designed the website, logo, and created and curated the social media posts for this company. 

Instagram Advocacy Campaign

Afghan Sikhs & Hindus - Social Media Campaign

Afghan Sikhs & Hindus is a social media advocacy campaign dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of religious minorities in Afghanistan: Sikhs and Hindus. I designed the logo, and multiple social media posts for this campaign.

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